Matt Bankert Live!

Matt Bankert Digitally Live I am planning to play a digital acoustic concert via live stream over the Internet!  As far as the time and content of the concert, I would love nothing more than to give the people what they want.  But I don’t know what they want!  If you’d like to see such […]

To Err is Human… I am Definitely Human

Send In The Tanks – the Bloopers! You know when you are practicing something and you mess up a lot of times before you get it right?  Well, if you really need a lesson in humility, I recommend hitting record on a camera while you are practicing so you can capture your mistakes for eternity.  […]

Send In The Tanks Around The World

Send In The Tanks – the Single! My new song, “Send In The Tanks” has been mixed and mastered and released to digital worldwide distribution! Buy it now wherever fine music (obviously) is sold (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)!  You can also stream it on Spotify if you don’t like commitment (I’m a guy, so I understand […]

One Nation Under Mammon

Economic Stimulus Blues – Fun Facts! Then it comes to learning, watching a movie is so much better than reading a book. There tend to be more pictures and less words. You don’t have to move your head while reading over sentences – you can keep it stationary as the images assault your optic nerves. […]