Museletter # 10: Everything You Say Sounds Stupid

New Song: Enlighten Me

Here it is, an acoustic demo of a brand new song, Enlighten Me:

Enlighten Me acoustic video
Enlighten Me acoustic video

I plan to make a more rockin’ version eventually, so stay tuned.  I would love to hear what you think!

Sale Still Going!

Don’t miss out!  The $5 sale on my music at is still going on for a limited time – agh, I can only keep this salesman stuff up for so long.  Just buy my music if you want to.  $5 for 11 songs!

In the Earbuds: Revolution Radio by Green Day

Green Day is a household name in the “alternative rock” world (whatever “alternative” means) almost 30 years into their career.  What person learning guitar hasn’t prioritized memorizing one of Green Day’s power chord-riddled hits like Longview or Welcome to Paradise?  (I know I have.)  With Revolution Radio they show that they can still belt out the catchy tunes with punk rock velocity.  Billie Joe’s lyrics were never fully juvenile, but these lyrics here are more profound, more meaningful.  Themes of social unrest and current events.  Standout tracks are Bang, Bang, Troubled Times, title track, and Youngblood.  But they’re all pretty good.

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