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Send In The Tanks – the Single!

My new song, “Send In The Tanks” has been mixed and mastered and released to digital worldwide distribution!

Send in the tanks

Buy it now wherever fine music (obviously) is sold (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)!  You can also stream it on Spotify if you don’t like commitment (I’m a guy, so I understand that.  Am I right, ladies?).

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I am most grateful!

When they said you could do whatever you want, they never meant you could do that.”

In the Earbuds: A Different Kind of Truth by Van Halen

Many old-timer bands try to do a revamp album after being inactive for a while.  Few succeed.  Van Halen succeeded.  It’s been out for a few years now (since 2012), but the reunion album of the classic Van Halen lineup including David Lee Roth is a triumph.  Despite Roth’s voice showing some age, he can still belt out some eye-popping high notes.  Roth’s girl-crazy lyrics now have a degree of profundity and wit to them (Bullethead, Tattoo) that may not have been there in the more classic, less-philosophical Van Halen tunes (Hot For Teacher).  The rhythm section hasn’t lost any speed and if anything, has picked up some steam with the addition of Eddie’s own son, Wolfgang, on bass.  This means the band is now 25% more Van Halen.  Wolfgang has definitely inherited his father’s snaking fretboard gene (pardon the technical medical term).  Some highlights are the speed rock songs “As Is”, “Bullethead”, and “China Town”, as well as the raucous, heavy blues-rocker, “Stay Frosty”.

But of course the highlight of the album is the band’s namesake, Eddie Van Halen.  His scorching, serpentine riffs and solos are just as strong as anything from the late 70s.  Eddie is one of my favorite guitarists, because he sounds like a child with his favorite toy. You can hear in his music that signature smile he always has on his face.  His playing appears to be effortless.  He gives a command, and his guitar is helpless to obey – snarling, singing, crying, trilling, or bellowing in response.

Listen to this and you’ll be smiling like Eddie.


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