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Economic Stimulus Blues – Fun Facts!

Then it comes to learning, watching a movie is so much better than reading a book. There tend to be more pictures and less words. You don’t have to move your head while reading over sentences – you can keep it stationary as the images assault your optic nerves. That’s why I am pleased to present a long running project I’ve finally completed, a “fun facts” video for my song Economic Stimulus Blues. Please share and subscribe!

In the Earbuds: Ray Davies, Americana

The Kinks are, I think, in the US a largely unknown treasure of music. They are a treasure in no small part due to the rich, thoughtful, witty, and personal songwriting of their front-man, the recently knighted Ray Davies. In Americana, Ray joins the legend and ideals of the America he heard about from across the pond in England as a boy with the real America he visited while touring with the Kinks as an adult. The songs are strong for the most part, with a rootsy blend of primal blues (Mystery Room, Change for Change), country (Americana), and rock (the Great Highway). While the Kinks waxed nostalgic about England in the 60s (Village Green Preservation), here Ray waxes nostalgic over an American era not much earlier than the 60s. But it’s not just about yesteryear for Ray, it’s about an attitude going forward: “Americana is not so much about the country or even about the style of music [even though it is those things – MB]. It represents hope for a better future as the dream continues along the great highway.” From the song, “The Great Highway:”

At a juke box in a smoky bar
A girl stands looking at the stars
Dressed in denim wearing shades
And outside is the The Great Highway
(I had this dream, America)
She sips a coke, walks away
It’s just a second in a day
But all her culture’s on display
She might be a dreamer
But maybe I’m a dreamer, too

An idealized romanticization of American values and culture from a bygone era, Americana is a real treat to hear. If we don’t knight people here in the US, maybe we can find some room for Sir Ray on Mt. Rushmore.

Coming soon…

  • Send in the Tanks, the single! Complete and waiting for upload to the world
  • Send in the Tanks, the video! Half-complete

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